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Single products

We can deliver standard and custom made furniture. We can do it as one-off delivery or as large projects for complete ships.

On the pictures above you see a small selection of our standard furniture. But – even if we have developed an exceptional and rational production system where we use less than 160 (!) parts in our production, we have made almost 1.500 variations of our furniture from these parts... Different surfaces and colors, single or double beds, a wide range of wardrobes, tables, shelves etc. etc…

To support you corporate identity we can design a range of furniture that is yours only. Based on our flexible production system and standard parts the possibilities are actually endless. In principle, it is just as easy to produce furniture in your corporate colors as it is to produce them in our standard colors. We can integrate your logo or adjust almost any detail to support your brand. We can even give the design your name - like “Alu Design Company name”…


For our laminate colors, check this page: Laminate Colors

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